Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • Steelers
    04-22 10:19 AM
    My H1b and my wifes H4 extensions were filed on 2/10 and approved on 4/1.

    Depends on your job, company etc. I work in non-IT, big company and have been working there since 3 years.

    Good luck.

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  • jatinr
    07-26 09:10 AM
    To apply for EAD you need the following documents

    1. I-131 EAD Application document

    2. Copy of I-485 receipt notice
    3. 2 colored passport pictures - recent
    4. Cashiers cheque as stated in the form.

    Send all this in and wait. You dont need an attorney to do this. This is really a simple procedure.

    I 765 EAD Application document.

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  • JunRN
    02-10 02:31 PM er07.pdf

    I know it includes FB application but that is easily offset by EB-CP also seeking visa numbers.

    So the wait time is really very long for July 2007 filers with later PD.

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  • Sakthisagar
    11-26 10:50 AM
    Sorry imh1b,

    I take my words back. I did not posted any Indians Pic with President and I Have respect for Indians who reached to this level and can feel the pain of a fellow immigrants. Unfortunatey people like them dont even think they are INdian anymore. thats why I dont see any reason why try to feel happy for them because they just have Indian name.

    Now all RED dots are welcome.


    There is nothing to reach a level or something like that, if you are politically involved you will be a friend of that Senator or Congressmen and this photo is taken way back in 2002. All Indians are not like that. Plaase correct your wrong notion, there are lot of people who still maintains their culture, Unless they just sell their culture for the selfish benefits. like Nikki, and Bobby Jindal.


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  • sprash
    02-04 05:55 PM
    its good you have your backup plan. My case was very similar to yours. I had applied for my AP simultaneously with my wife. While my wife got hers in 2 months, mine was gathering dust. I had to write to the ombudsman to get some action on my case after 4 months had passed. Finally I saw a few LUDs and it turned out to be an RFE!!!! They said I didn't include photos, which clearly wasn't true. They had probably lost my photos. So I resent my photos and included the overnight envelopes. They approved my AP, but still chose to send it by USPS. Pretty aggravating.

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  • GCwaitforever
    05-28 09:28 AM
    According to USCIS, finger prints expire within 15 months. So if you received an EAD after filing for I-485, technically USCIS should not ask for your fingerprints during the 1-year EAD renewal. For the second EAD renewal, it is valid.

    Asking for FP during e-filing is a process inefficiency for USCIS and unnecessarily delays the application adjudication. For some reason, USCIS is not able to identify that you still have valid finger prints filed last year during the e-filing. Please raise this issue with Ombudsman.


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  • authrd
    07-26 01:25 PM
    I do not have the approval notice used to obtain a visa to enter the country for the very first time in 2001.

    All attempts to obtain a copy of the I-797 from company/attorney have failed and so I have filed a I-824 for a duplicate. That will take a few months.

    I am wondering what will happen if USCIS issues a RFE on my I-485 asking for evidence of lawful presence all these years.

    I don't have all the I-94s either. I do have the visa stamp on my passport.

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  • greencard_fever
    09-19 10:27 PM
    Guys..i have noticed that so many other members has already been complained about the getting Red dots for no reason...i got the red for this post for just a spell mistake. This is too much and IV has to do some thing about this. Otherwise people will afraid or not be willing to post their opinions here...


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  • jumanji4u
    02-16 09:37 AM
    Well it's true and proved here, the ideal mind is an EVIL mind. When the country was split into two in 1947, we still don't have the peace, what do you expect with so many states spiting into countries. Today we see states spiting, just to gain power and make money for the corrupt politicians. For the selfish gains you want to country to split???? Be a Indian..and stop wasting your time.

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  • j0se
    09-15 06:52 PM
    that was quite a journey!! i think half way through it i realised that i will not be making this effect again (at least too kickly...)

    i have to say that flash MX's 'distribute to layers' feature came in really handy for this

    thanks again

    sleep = true


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  • velu07
    06-26 10:05 AM
    If you paper filed your EAD and have done finger printing recently that could be the reason for 485 LUD. Its my opinion after every finger printing there will be an LUD in 485

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  • reverendflash
    10-21 03:46 AM
    Yeah, if I had anything but a 9pin dot matrix printer I could have made the heart red (lol - it took me a heck of a long time to make it even semi-resemble a heart) :P

    used up 1/2 a ribbon to print... :P

    funny, I hadn't thought of that in years... that was right before the end... :-\



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  • swo
    07-05 01:40 PM
    My guess is EB2 will return to current and EB3 will be retrogressed anything from 2002 to 2005. I doubt it will be any more current than that.

    It's impossible to know. It depends how many applications were ready for approval by the time October hits.

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  • asdcrajnet
    04-13 05:15 PM
    It will be helpful if we are allowed to apply for I-485 & EAD, even if the visa numbers are not available. They could atleast throw this bone to us, which will be helpful in not needing H1B and allow us to change jobs. Hope they make this amendment to this Bill.

    I know the Core team will already be working on this.


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  • fide_champ
    02-15 08:30 AM
    Does anyone have any experience visiting canada with an expired US visa and then returning back to US showing just the approval notice? I heard you don't need to get a new stamping if you are returning before 30 days.

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  • solaris27
    05-22 09:29 AM
    yes u can do it


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  • rajenk
    10-19 11:21 AM

    Check my reply in the following thread for your question 4.

    The sections I referred in the Adjudicator's Field manual means

    USCIS revocation for Fraud or misrepresentation in the application.

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  • purgan
    04-26 02:52 PM
    vikki76 may have gone a little overboard with the salary statement, but the rest is true....there is simply more information stored in govt databases for a foreign national, hence more rigorous screening is possible

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  • Bolt
    04-08 10:55 PM
    Hi Anand /Snathan,

    Could you guys please update me what happ with your cases etc. i found an employer for h1b transfer and did that on 30th of march 2009 thru premium processing. today again the status has been changed and got an RFE. will find out what was the RFE about etc. God should help me....

    02-15 11:07 AM
    To answer your question yes, you have to mention MS + 0 or BS + 5.


    08-20 04:01 PM
    Really nice one. The mouth is perfect. I think with some themes they sort of need an outline though, not all the themes use the default white I don't believe.

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