Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • ca_immigrant
    02-06 01:03 PM
    Thanks, today I got the I131 approval notice .

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  • marola
    05-14 05:28 PM
    Hi, I am a holder G4 visa working on a international institution in Washington DC, USA...and my fiance is a G4 visa holder too, working on other international institution in the same city (we are foreigners, south americans, especifically)...ok...the main issue is that we want to get married next month in USA and sure as G4 visa holders at that time....but on this September, my fiance is going to change his status to a F1 visa, because he is going to pursue his PHD on a US University....and I cannot change my status as dependent of him (F1 dependant), cuz I need to keep working, and I dont know if it is necessary for studying here to have exclusively F1 visa as a foreigner student, or he could become a G4 visa dependant from me, after he stop working to start studying.

    ...So my question is if we get married before that he changes his status from G4 to F1...would I be able to keep working on any international institution meanwhile he can keep his F1 student visa?, with no need to become a dependent from each other, but to keep, my G4 visa, and his future F1 visa, respectively?

    My doubt is based on one comment that i heard from someone, but i am not sure, cuz that person told me, that if my husband changes his visa from G4, resigning my G4 dependent status, i couldn't be rehired later...i tried to get advide from a lawyer but his service is so expensive for i hope someone can help me, cuz this issue is so important for us.

    Ps: For more information, my fiancee would have to go to his country and getting his F1 visa and go back to USA as a F1 visa holder....And before that trip...we would like to get married...and meanwhile he is studying with his F1 visa, I can work with no problems with my G4 visa rehired as many times as I am re hired...

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  • fester8542
    04-08 02:47 PM
    Haha love it, fester! :thumb:

    How about a new footer as well? :hugegrin:

    Whats wrong with old faithful...

    Beat or something?

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  • LondonTown
    04-26 07:37 AM
    Some officers add 10 days to I797s date some do not. It is not an error, you are good.


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-16 04:50 PM
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano today traveled to Laredo, Texas to announce more than $47 million in fiscal year 2010 Operation Stonegarden grants for the Southwest border states. She also met with law enforcement leaders to discuss the Department�s efforts to support state, local and tribal law enforcement in protecting communities from cross-border threats. She said, "Over the past year and a half, this Administration has pursued a new border security strategy with an unprecedented sense of urgency, making historic investments in personnel, technology and infrastructure while combating transnational criminal organizations that smuggle weapons, cash and people across our shared border with Mexico.� She said that Operation Stonegarden is one part of our overall strategy to provide state, local and tribal law enforcement on the frontlines the resources they need to confront the complex and dynamic challenges that exist along our borders.

    The fiscal year 2010 Operation Stonegarden grants�totaling $60 million nationally�support 15 border states and the Territory of Puerto Rico to enhance the capabilities of federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies to secure U.S. borders and territories. Funds were allocated using CBP�s sector-specific border risk methodology based on threat, vulnerability, miles of border and border-specific law enforcement intelligence. Nearly 80 percent of the fiscal year 2010 funding will go to Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas�up from 59 percent in 2008. Operation Stonegarden grants can be used to support law enforcement personnel, overtime, and other related costs to increase operational readiness.

    More... (

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  • indio0617
    12-15 09:06 AM
    In very simple terms : Progressive experience means your job responsibilities increase with time.

    Have a question related to that:

    If job / EB2 stipulates Bachelors + 5 years criteria, does it imply 5 years after obtaining the degree or can the experience be cumulative ?


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  • Ann Ruben
    01-30 10:05 AM

    You must mention ALL citations. Failure to do so can result in an allegation of visa fraud, denial of your application and even the possibility of being placed in removal proceedings. I doubt that either citation would provide a basis for denial of your application, but you should consult with an immigration lawyer before proceeding with your application.

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  • fromnaija
    10-26 01:44 PM
    Non of these really matter any more once we get the citizenship, correct??

    You got that right! Once a citizen you can choose to leave and enter whenever and stay outside the country for as long as you want.


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  • HalfDog
    03-19 10:20 AM
    blending acrylics = very very hard

    Uhhhh no it's really very very easy, use water and wipe away lightly. Repeat.

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  • 140jibjab
    12-09 06:55 PM
    I had misdemenour with conviction.Got my H1B stamping in Chennai.
    Make sure you check Yes in the colmn "Have you ever been arrested". Voluntarily present the case dismissal documents.
    Make sure you go to the appointment as soon as you land, If they say they will need to look into the case(It will take 3 weeks). They will not give your passport back when this process of "Look into it" happens. So you cannot travel back to US when Consulate takes time.
    If the Consular officer is satisfied with the documents you have presented to him. In my case i had to produce case dispositions. Misdemenour is not a "InAdmissible" Offense even if you are convicted. made it back with 3 year stamping "Jai Ho"


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    12-05 10:48 AM
    Check this out D&vgnextchannel=1958b0aaa86fa010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    What does this mean
    "As a result, average processing times for certain application types may become longer. In particular, naturalization applications filed after June 1, 2007 may take approximately 16 - 18 months to process."

    What are the chances for the people who applied on July 1 ?

    Please read carefully. It is only for "naturalization".

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  • needhelp!
    01-14 01:02 PM
    If you are already in US, you don't need DS-230, you need to file I-485 instead.

    I-130 is an alien relative petition filed by your spouse on your behalf. I-130 has a question if you want to "adjust status while in the U.S." or go through "consular processing at an American post abroad".

    If you plan to "adjust your status while in the U.S." you use form I-485. I-130/I-485 can be filed and adjudicated concurrently.

    If you want to enter the U.S. as an immigrant ("consular processing" you file form DS-230 Part I with the National Visa Center and later DS-230 Part II with a consular officer at a consulate/embassy outside of the U.S.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-05 09:00 AM
    Now this is hardball.

    More... (

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  • pappu
    11-01 08:02 AM

    My labour got approved but we still have to file for I-140. My h1b is going to expire on May 2007.

    Can I get H1b extension based on Labour approval? If not, is it necessary to file I-140 soon.

    Thanks in-advance for any update.
    yes, if your labor was filed more than a year ago you can get an extension. However I would advice you to first only file 140. get it approved. these days it is fast. and then apply for h1b extension in january. you will be able to get 3 yr extn instead of 1 year. it will save you much extension headaches and legal fees.hope this helps.


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  • roseball
    07-01 09:36 PM
    Since USCIS started I-140 premium processing service on 06/29/09, you can try and upgrade your pending I-140 to premium processing so you can get a decision on your case within 15 days...When you get your I-140 approval, you can file for a 3 yr H1 extension based on it.

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  • roseball
    04-22 02:04 PM
    Dear all:

    May I ask what I should do in the following situation?

    I hold F1 visa and my new job starts on Sept 1. The int'l student office of my current university mistakenly set my OPT start date on May 6. My OPT has been approved and EAD card arrived.

    That is, I will have 120-plus "unemployment" days accumulated by early August, which will then violate the "90-day unemployment rule" of OPT.

    I am under tremendous pressure and really want to hear your opinions.

    Many thanks in advance!

    ISO is the one which updates the SEVIS database. Since you claim its their mistake, you should approach them for advise on this as well. I have heard that voluntary work (no pay) in your field of study can help you to maintain your status and not count days towards the 90 day unemployment rule. If true, you can pursue that option as well till your job starts on Sep 1.


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  • Sunx_2004
    10-17 07:11 PM
    Is it possible to be on H1B after AC21 is invoked?
    Here is my situation-
    I filed I485, EAD and AP in July with approved I140. This month My company is acquired by new company. Starting November 1st I will be employee of new company.
    I just finished conference call with my lawyer as per him, There is no change in GC process only New Company has to file AC21 after 180 days of filing 485. When I asked him whether I can maintain my H1 after filing AC21 he said yes.

    Is it possible?

    Please advise

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  • raysaikat
    12-06 09:55 AM

    I am currently working on OPT. My company has just applied for my H1B visa. Assuming it gets approved in 2-3 months time (i.e. in March), when can i have it stamped? Can i go back to my home country to get it stamped in April or will i have to wait till 1st Oct 2011 to get it stamped?

    What is the starting date on your H1-B petition?

    You cannot get a VISA stamp earlier than within 20 days of the start date (I actually do not recall if it is 20 days or 15 days -- but it is around that many days).

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  • sss2000
    07-18 08:19 PM
    I think the only way you can know about it is by looking at Receipt notice you will get in mail. I believe every individual/case has a unique number.

    05-13 12:31 PM
    My PD is 08/04/06, and my AP is expiring on June 2nd, I probably will have to travel sometimes June end. I am in a fix if I should go ahead and apply for Ap now. My PD will be current begining June 1st. I heard it may take 1 week to 60 days to get GC after your date becomes current, Do you guys think it's good idea to just apply for AP just in case?


    You may apply for AP at any time right? If you apply now, it is very unlikely that you will receive before your June end travel. And if you don't get your GC in june what will you do ? see, it is very easy to ask confusing questions. :)

    09-25 02:11 PM

    I already searched that forum. But it seems all of his posts were removed. I searched PAPPU's posts. i was able to access only last 500 posts by him.

    thank you.

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