Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • Rockford
    09-12 03:57 PM
    The NSC Liaison Committee issued a clarification from NCS on their stance on singular degree requirements for EB2. It was posted on the AILA site at the following URL.

    Did any one have this document by any chance ?

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  • anilsal
    08-06 01:00 AM
    and the core. 25K is quite close?

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-16 05:40 AM
    Very intriguing. Here's the lowdown from HuffPostHill: Luis Gutierrez, Nydia Velazquez and Bob Menendez will meet with the president tomorrow at 2:30 to talk immigration reform. Gutierrez says he'll push Obama to use his muscle to get the DREAM Act through Congress. If Rahm Emanuel shows up, two potential Chicago mayoral candidates will be in the room together. Gutierrez, who said today that a run is "tempting," said he'd have a hard time supporting Emanuel if he doesn't, given his history of slowing down immigration reform. He still remembers, Gutierrez said, when Emanuel, as head of the DCCC, was telling...

    More... (

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  • Honda
    05-15 11:23 AM
    I went for Fingerprinting for I-485 case seond time on 9th May. When it is updated in your profile at uscis website. I see it is still showing up old dates as LUD.
    Any idea ?

    I gave my Fingerprints also. So far i did not see any LUD. I dont know what they are doing. Simply ignore it. There is nothing to do ourside.


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  • e3visa
    01-10 07:50 PM
    If you have a pending permanent residency application you should still be able to work under h1b status, particularly if your i-140 is approved.

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  • shana04
    07-23 11:24 AM

    Can the invitation letter and the letter to the consulate be faxed to my parents to present to the consulate, or do I need to courier the original signed letters over?

    I did the same yesterday. used courier to send the original signed letters.


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  • hemasar
    05-02 01:06 PM
    Check this out

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  • tabletpc
    08-02 09:14 AM
    Can i leave the employer while i-140 is pending.....???If emplyer assures me that he won't revoke the i-140...???

    I would like to move to another job at the same time i would like to take some benift(PD) from the GC process i have been through so far.

    ANy suggestions are much appreciated...


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  • radhak
    04-26 04:18 PM
    You can check case processing times here..

    Welcome to the iCERT Portal (

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  • Blog Feeds
    02-22 09:40 AM
    From the AP: Saks Fifth Avenue and Oscar de la Renta are among the fashion industry players who are joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg's coalition for immigration reform and calling for an easier visa process for international workers. Bloomberg made the announcement Friday, the day after the close of the fall previews at New York Fashion Week. Brooks Brothers, Perry Ellis, Diane von Furstenberg and Malia Mills are also joining the group, which already claims as members chief executives of major corporations including Hewlett-Packard, Disney and News Corp. The Partnership for a New American Economy pushes for a path to legal...

    More... (


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  • pappu
    07-01 10:19 AM
    Please do not start a new thread when this topic is already being discussed in another thread. It will help members get information in one place.

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  • Knicker
    02-08 09:34 AM

    I came to US on L1 in 2005 thru COMPANY-A and then applied for H1B thru COMPANY-B in 2006 and got approval under 2007 CAP. But I didn't start working for COMPANY-B(H1B) and went to India after H1B approval but came to US on L1B again to continue my work with COMPANY-A(Did a leapfrog).
    In 2009 I transferred my H1B from COMPANY-B to COMPANY-C and got the petition approval. So I have a valid H1B petition with COMPANY-C.
    In the same year my COMPANY-A(L1B holder) applied for COS to H1B under new 2010 CAP and got approval. So my status has been changed from L1 to H1B with COMPANY-A.

    Now I have 2 approved valid petitions, one with COMPANY-A and the other with COMPANY-C, my question is if I get an offer from COMPANY-C can I start working with them with out any H1 transfer application ?
    or can I transfer my H1B from COMPANY-C to another COMPANY-D ?

    Thanks for your help,


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  • glosrfc
    11-02 01:26 PM
    Not me ;)

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  • silent_k
    05-20 12:38 PM
    Has anyone been in this situation? Any help is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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  • ragz4u
    02-27 10:41 AM
    Please refer to this thread here (

    The IV team has done extensive analysis of the Specter draft and have come up with a new webfax. Please send the new webfax to your senators/reps.

    Also, for all those who sent the fax on Fri, please call up your senators office and ask for an appointment.

    Please update the above thread with any appointments/updates you might have

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  • Positive
    04-17 11:32 AM
    This may be an effort to provoke extreme right in tea party and republicans. It looks like talk show hosts and extreme right are careful and not taking the bait yet.

    Creating a permanent wedge between Latinos and republican party just by confusing statements will not work this time.

    Nothing short of CIR can bring out the true color of right.


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  • ranand00
    07-10 10:57 PM
    please if any suggestions on my previous post
    i would really appreciate it

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  • raju3g
    08-08 04:07 AM
    Its not an issue. Make sure u fill all ur future applications like ssn, green card etc as per your passport. also ur birth certificate should be like ur passport details name date of birth and place of birth.

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  • cs007
    10-31 12:28 AM
    Hi, I am in 8th year of H1b with 140 approved (EB3) from company A. I would like to switch to company B and planning to start EB2 quickly to enage a new interesting project . I have following questions related to the same and early advice from you all would be highly appreciated as am running out of time in engaging the new project.

    1. Can I do H1 transfer from company A to company B using A's 140 approval after my 6 years of original h1b quota. I am currently on 8th year of h1b.

    2. Can I able to port the priority date from company A's EB3 filing with the new EB2 filing from company B?

    3. If company A cancels the 140, still can I able to port the PD ?


    07-16 03:53 PM
    Hi everyone,

    Here is my situation and I need URGENT help.

    I am currently on L1-A for past 7 years (Visa expires Nov 07). During this span my company's attorney has unsuccessfully filed my I140 (twice was rejected at NSC and later TSC - due to 3 year degree and also my job description prior to transfer to US did not showed I have managerial/management function of a department). He refiled again this time with proper documentation and additional support letters from senior exec from my company.

    I suspect he has been making mistakes in my filing and my time is running out. I am thinking of using my own money and hire another lawyer to file a fresh I140/485. Is this possible since I have already 2 pending I140; one at NSC under EB-1C and another at TSC under EB-3?

    Please reply urgently if anyone has the answer to my question as I am running out of time.

    Thanks in advance.

    02-05 02:49 PM

    My I-140 was approved in August 2009 and my PD is Jan-2004 (EB3). I want to know when i can apply for I-485, should i have to wait till my PD becomes Current or is there any other way by which i can file the I-485. Please shed some light on this topic and thanks for your time and effort.

    Thanks ! ! :confused: :rolleyes:

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