Monday, June 27, 2011


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  • aldorr
    06-28 11:54 PM
    So, I was up on the roof at work and happened to have an orange with me... so I balanced it on my head and snapped this pic looking like I'm about to suck the Transamerica Pyramid up through a straw. Oh, then I did a bit of editing in Photoshop.


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    08-30 09:40 PM
    A Democratic Senator working on immigration reform says a bill is not happening this year. Is this news?

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    12-10 09:30 AM
    The media really should have picked up the truly obnoxious (and completely false) appeal to racism to convince his colleagues to vote against the DREAM Act last night: Mr. Speaker, if this act passes, if an illegal immigrant happens to be of a racial or ethnic minority, which the vast majority of illegal immigrants are, that individual, as soon as legal status is granted, will be entitled to all the education, employment, job training, government contracts, and other minority preferences that are written into our Federal and State laws. As a result, the DREAM Act would not only put illegal...

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    05-22 01:20 AM
    The Washington Post reports on data released from the Border Patrol. Among the findings: - The number of Border Patrol agents has more than doubled from 9,000 in 2001 to 20,000 this year - 626 miles of the border with Mexico are now covered by fencing and vehicle barriers which is about half of the planned coverage on the 2000 mile border. - Border arrests are down from nearly 1.75 million in 2000 to 723,000 over the past year While the economy obviously plays a role, the dramatic uptick in enforcement sure is playing a role and Senator Schumer's contention...

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    03-05 02:00 PM (
    BBC News - Rapper Snoop Dogg wins UK immigration fight (

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  • coolfun
    01-28 12:49 AM

    Gurus - I have few questions and I need your help:

    1. My EAD/AP expires in June/July '08. Can I apply for their renewal now?

    2. Will there be a finger-printing requirement for the renewal? We had finger print in June 2007 when we applied 485/765/131 together?

    3. Is it better to efile or paper file?

    4. I will be in India from April to June this year. I have an AP valid till end June. Can I file for EAD/AP renewal and leave for India in April. Is there any risk? I can still use my current AP to enter when I come in early June, right?

    Thanks so much.


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  • arsh007
    06-17 03:39 PM
    Skin test and X-ray have nothing to do with a USCIS Physician's reputation buth rather on the outcome of the physical exam. However what is important is the amount the Physician is charging for the medical examination. I have an appointment with Dr Alfred in St Louis next week at Forest Park Medical clinic. Appointments are very hard to get by in St Louis.

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  • freddyCR
    July 26th, 2005, 12:10 PM
    I don't understand. Isn't this the critique forum? I'm asking for critique. What's non-topical? :(


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  • sobers
    05-30 05:07 PM
    Aman, great job. Can't say this enough...thanks for your and the IV team's leadership.

    Ever consider a career in Congress (once you become citizens, of course)??:)

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  • rkgc
    03-31 12:26 PM
    I got my PERM labor approved yesterday, for applying I-140 were can I find the processing dates for I-140? I mean specific to Country? Because, if I go to the processing time for "Skilled worker or professional" is April, 1 2008, does this date apply for all? Thanks in advance.



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  • omnivibe
    06-30 05:15 AM

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  • lost
    07-09 01:08 PM
    Last year I signed affidavit of support forms for my parents and they are already got their immigrant visa. One of my friends needs my help to sign affidavit of support for his brother. My question is how many affidavit of supports one can sign for different people? What are my liabilities if his brother later do some thing wrong in USA?


    I would be more concerned about the medical issues his brother may have (accident, urgent care....) and if you will be held responsible for payments?
    Besides, why can't your friend sign teh affidavit of support for his brother?


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  • cs.0
    08-23 12:22 PM

    I am planning to go to India for 3 months. I have EAD and AP, H1B visa stamping valid till 08/30/2010. Now I am on EAD.

    From past 3 months, I don’t have project, so I am thinking to go India and come back in the month of Jan 2010 (if US market improves).

    My wife is working on EAD and she will be staying in US.

    What are the problems I may face at POE, US? (Possible Chicago POE)

    Please let me know, what r all docs required and what r all questions will be asked, if I enter on AP or on valid H1B visa stamp.

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  • Invis
    06-27 01:15 PM
    I first off apologize if there is already a thread pertaining to my questions. If so I would greatly appreciate being directed.
    My situation is this...I came to the US as a visitor from Canada. As a result I did not need a I-94, a visa or a passport since i travelled by car. I am going to be married to a US citizen in a couple of weeks. I guess my questions are these...#1. Since I did not need any of those documents to enter the US, will this cause a problem while trying to prove status?
    #2. I read somewhere about filing a I-30 prior to other documentation such as the I-485 and medical and so on. I was wondering if this is true or if i even need to file this document or if so if it can be filed in conjunction with the others.


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  • sam_hoosier
    01-05 02:29 PM
    A survey of top employers reveals that they would be hiring more if they could just find the skilled workers they need -

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  • eastindia
    11-16 02:12 PM

    In FY 2007 there were 18 States with over 1,000 certifi
    ed PERM positions, and in FY 2008 there were only
    12. Following this trend, there were only eight States
    in FY 2009 with over 1,000 certifi ed PERM positions,
    and in FY 2009 the number of positions approved in
    each of these eight States declined signifi cantly. The
    most signifi cant decreases occurred in California, Texas,
    and Illinois, where the number of positions approved
    declined over 45 percent from FY 2008. The most
    demanded occupational positions in FY 2009 were
    found in the Information Technology industry, with the
    Advanced Manufacturing and Finance industries also
    drawing a large number of position requests.


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  • xbohdpukc
    09-15 07:44 PM
    SKIL provisions were included in S.2611 by the way of adopting manager's ammendment.
    Therefore the official death of the CIR bill was crucial for the fate of the SKIL bill, as it couldn't be picked up by the Senate as long as the CIR was pending with the House.

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  • roseball
    03-24 01:05 AM
    Since 6 months earlier he was on H1, he wont be counted in the quota....

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    03-24 09:34 AM
    Greencard requirement says one has to reside 183 days per year to maintain continuous residency requirement.

    06-06 10:45 AM
    i am a cpa and my labor certification still gathering dust at the dallas backlog proc center. i did received the 45-day letter march 2005.

    05-08 11:24 PM
    hehe okay i''l try

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