Monday, June 27, 2011

holiday hairstyles

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  • oguinan
    11-20 06:14 PM
    There will be a conference call to kick off the Northern California chapter of IV tonight (Monday) at 8pm PST. Please email me at for the details.


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  • vinsug
    03-04 10:37 AM
    Vivek, thanks a lot for replying to my issue.


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  • sachin_216
    11-02 09:57 AM
    Check this site...

    How to record departure from the United States after the fact (

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  • stefanv
    08-03 07:13 AM
    Thankx mate :D


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  • jerez_z
    11-03 11:43 AM
    I'm looking for PHP or ActionScript work. I'm not a designer in any sense of the word, so I can't do any graphical work. I'm just starting out, so my protfolio is lacking but I have done several full blown CMSs lately. I've never gotten a problem I couldn't solve, I just need to prove myself.

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  • gkdgopi
    06-21 10:36 AM
    my visa , H1b expired, but have applied for H1b extension pending since Mar 2007, but i think as long as we are in legal status inside the country it should be fine - my 2 cents.


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  • terah14
    10-27 12:45 AM
    Case against his employer had held in the past year and he was doing right to get his right to get the money back so he was not doing anything wrong in the past with his employer but how the new employer of his company react on that background and understand is totally depends upon them but don't worry about it, he was not wrong.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-10 09:00 AM
    Today�s New York Times brims with immigration dysfunctions galore. The paper's immigration reports tellingly underscore the front-burner role this white-hot policy issue plays in the nation and the world. In the first section alone, we see: � An open-mike faux pas by British PM Gordon Brown, referring to an immigration opponent as a �bigoted woman,� prompted his abject apology and now risks a Labor Party loss in the UK election next week; � A controversial opinion piece and articles on the political, legal and economic fallout of the Arizona Peace-Officers� Suspect-and-Arrest-or-Refrain-and-Be-Sued Act; � A report on four Dream Act marchers�...

    More... (


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  • GoneSouth
    11-12 04:57 AM
    Hi Folks,

    Anyone have any experience with or knowledge about filing a 7th year H1-B extension per AC21 106(a) when labor certification was filed under PERM more than 365 days ago and the I-140 has NOT been filed / approved yet? There is a 12/27/2005 USCIS memo says "Guidance on this subject will be provided in a seperate memorandum", but then there is no seperate memorandum (that I could find).

    My lawyers are telling me I can't file for a 7th year extension because I filed for LC under PERM, but after researching the matter, I am pretty sure they are mistaken. First, the language of AC21 states "the filing of a labor certification application on the alien�s behalf"... no distinction between ETA 750 (Traditional LC) or ETA 9089 (PERM). Furthermore, I've read various accounts on the web that state USCIS is in fact approving 7th year AC21 106(a) extensions based on PERM, but I haven't had anyone confirm that they actually did this or know first hand of someone who did.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !

    - GS

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  • Berkeleybee
    05-30 04:14 PM

    Check out

    We are linked from their main page

    And in the first minute of the conclusion incon3_052706.ram, Lord almighty! for the first time a press person acknowledges that our efforts help high skilled workers from all over the world.



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  • ubetman
    08-07 04:15 PM
    Hi guys,

    How to determine to which service center we need to send our application packet? Is it based on the future job location described in the labor certificate or the present physical location of the applicant?

    Applying concurrent: 140/485

    present physical location(my present address) state comes under : TSC
    Future job location state comes under : NSC


    Thanks in advance

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  • pradhyumnakansara
    03-31 02:01 PM
    Respected Sir
    This is to humbly request you to guide me.

    I did AMIE in Computer Engg., from India and thereafter I underwent WES evaluation. It clearly stated that its equivalent to US Bachelors. On the same basis, I did my MBA from University of New Haven, CT USA. Now as I wan to file my H1B on the basis of my AMIE qualifiactions, what would be your wise advice?


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  • tikka
    05-25 03:18 PM _top+story

    sorry, if this is a repost. Couldn't resisst posting..

    Have you sent your WEB Fax as yet?

    Please take a minute and send it out!
    Thank you

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  • blog30
    04-08 06:47 AM
    Hi there,

    I have this question.
    I have got the green card along with some of my family members except my older child who was 21 at the time of my I-140 application.
    I filled out an I130 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR RELATIVE, FIANCE(E), OR ORPHAN last December and it was approved last month.

    I am a bit confused as on the approval notice it is said that in 90 days National Visa Center is going to send the beneficiary a set of instructions. Calling NVC myself I was told that they are not going to sent anything, it is supposed to wait for a visa number to become available and they are working now on visa cases from 2002!

    Does anybody has an idea how this is working and how long it will take to get a "visa number" and a green card? Is the origin country (Romania) of any significance in terms of time?

    Thank you in advance!


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  • jamesingham
    06-06 03:15 PM
    I hope these bills pass in Congress and give us badly needed relief .. Amen

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  • itsmesabby
    12-11 11:04 AM
    Hi All,

    Would anyone know how much time does it take for one to get a new SSN ? If someone is coming from India, how much time they should wait after entering the US before they apply for the SSN ?



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  • Blog Feeds
    05-01 12:40 AM
    Congrats to President Obama on his first 100 days in office. And well done on keeping immigration reform on the front burner. During his prime time press conference last night, the President had this to say about immigration reform: Okay. Lori Montenegro. Q: Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, when you met with the Hispanic caucus a few weeks ago, reports came out that the White House was planning to have a forum to talk about immigration and bring it to the forefront. Going forward, my question is, what is your strategy to try to have immigration reform? And are...

    More... (

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  • kart2007
    01-12 10:44 AM
    Mine is in Nebraska, FP just expired and got them redone.

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  • perm2gc
    12-05 04:35 PM
    I applied an LC from an employer on March 27th 2005 (Pre-PERM)
    It is shifted to P-BEC. I have not got any 45 day letter for that
    How do I get the 45 day letter?
    Please search the forum.Many thread have been posted in past and are addressed.

    03-19 09:20 AM
    Sorry. I found the answer.

    H1B Visa Lawyer - Getting the LCA In Hand Before April 1 :: Visa Lawyer Blog (

    11-29 11:15 PM
    American funds,troweprice,vanguard all these provide 529 plans for college savings.

    These are good for all.

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