Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Princess Diana#39;s funeral

  • AK01
    09-11 03:59 PM
    I wonder what is the difference between Data Review and In Process...

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  • loudobbs
    08-02 03:19 PM
    Hi Folks
    My Labor was approved under EB2 as the job required a Master's Degree but the Lawyer by mistake filed my I140 under EB3 and was approved Oct 2006. The mistake was noticed in May 2007 when we were planning to file for I485. The lawyer refiled my I140 under premium processing on may 23 2007. I checked the status on line and the LUD is May 27 saying application was received. The lawyer told me that CIS is waiting for 'original labor notice' from the labor dept.

    Its been 2 months now and I am getting worried.
    Anyone who has been in similar circumstances or familiar with this situation pl help. :(

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  • somegchuh
    08-24 12:50 PM
    My 140 (filed concurrently with 485) was approved on Aug 17th. Ever since 08/17 I have been seeing LUD's on it everyday. In fact there was a LUP on 08/19 Sunday! Any ideas what's happening? I think something is going in CIS.

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  • cool_cat
    10-01 01:03 PM
    My I485 application was received by TCS on july 2nd. I have not received my RN and my check is also not cashed yet.


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  • ninigini
    10-20 07:01 PM
    Good evening,

    I am currently in the United States and in the process of changing my Q1 into a F1 visa.

    My contract with the Q1 visa unexpedently ended in June 2009 and the visa was expiring on the 17th of september 2009.
    I sent the file with all the papers to the USCIS before the end of the expiration date and is still in process at this time.
    I heard that i can not exceed the period of 180 days after my last day of work with my Q1 Visa.. Is this true ?
    I was thinking by the time i filed everything before the end of my Q1 visa, i could stay in the United States until the approval or denial of my F1 visa...
    if this is true :
    1. Do I have to wait in France for the answer of the USCIS, or my case will be cancelled and I have to start all oveer again in France ?

    2. If I do not stay more than 180 days, going back to France and coming back for exemple 1 week after to the US with a tourist visa, am I able to change my status to F-1 ?

    3. If i receive an approval answer from USCIS after a few days that I've been back in France, will it be valid ? Can it be sent to me ?

    4. Do I have to get a new I-20 from the university if I am starting the process in France, or the one that I have is still valid ?

    Could you help me please, beause i am confused...:confused:
    Thanking you by advance for your answer

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  • gomirage
    06-07 01:59 PM
    It's up to the employer if he wants to keep you as an employee and has the right to cancel your H1 if he likes to do so. Just because you left the country doesnt mean that your H1 becomes invalid, but again its up to the employer.

    That's right. Only thing is he will be required to pay you. Make sure you get pay stubs in case you are asked to prove your status at re-entry.


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  • tinamatthew
    07-17 10:49 PM
    I only know information about I-485 filing but do not know what to expect after it is filed?

    Can someone tell me what to expect after things are in place? Like expecting Receipt date, fingerprinting - how many of them, what to look for and what to watch out for etc. A consolidated discussion may help many who are unaware of the system.

    Who will get such information, lawyer or the applicant?

    In normal circumstances (without the floodgates open) you would get a receipt within 2-3 weeks after the application is submitted. Fingerprinting happens soon after (still within a month). Then you get an EAD first, then the AP. In all this your lawyer will be informed as well as you. Sometimes your lawyer gets to hear first b4 you.

    ...Wait for approval of i-140 depending on date they are processing at NSC. Hope this helps. this is my 2 cents

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  • simbasimba
    01-06 02:21 AM
    I have a 4 year college degree from the US and 5 years of experience. I would like to know when they say 5 years of progressive experience does also that include an increase in salary over the five years? My previous employer paid me 60kper anum but my new employer is paying me 55k per anum. There is drop in salary by 5 thousand. Will this affect my application. Please advise. Thanks much!


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  • ajaykk
    11-06 04:19 PM
    Hi Guys,

    My wife is on H4 and she got her EAD yesterday. She wants to work on EAD.
    She doesnt have valid visa in her passport, we are planning for India trip soon and also planning to go to US embassy for stamping as our visa got expired.

    My questions are
    1. Can my wife apply for a visa after she starts using EAD? and later can she extend her H4 along with my H1 extension which I'm going to apply mid next year?
    2.Is it ok to travel just on AP for her if she doesnt want to apply visa?

    Please suggest.


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  • Saralayar
    07-25 02:24 PM
    Please let me know. My lawyer has taken my personal checks and sent them to USCIS...
    Yes. My friend gave personal check and no issues. he finished his FP and waiting for his AP.:)


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  • deafTunes123
    03-12 09:22 AM
    I am confused. Is it 120 days (4 months) or 90 days (3 months) before the expiry that one needs to apply for the EAD renewal.

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  • prioritydate
    07-15 11:18 PM
    So are these different from the finger prints that we take for EAD? For people who got their priority date current, do they ask for a separate finger prints again? Does anyone can shed some light on this?


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  • tammman
    12-13 02:22 AM
    If she has a valid L1 stamping in passport and she is still working for the employer she can enter without problems.
    Thankyou, for your response.

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  • wandmaker
    12-11 09:37 PM
    When you reach NSC or TSC, you talk to an IO. Who really is an IO? Are they first line of customer service at the centers? They then send requests etc to officers handling your cases?

    I am trying to understand the relationship between the Customer Service agents, IOs and the case workers.

    My understanding is:

    Customer Service Rep (Level 1) - has access to little more information (like insights on processing times) than what you see online.
    Customer Service Rep (Level 2) - has more access priviledge than CSR1, most of the time, s/he helps you open a high serverity service requests and/or direct your call to right resource to have your questions answered.
    Immigration Officer (Customer Service) - Most of the people who use POJ end up in reaching IO CS, who has more insights about the case details (workflow, cards ready to be printed and etc), s/he will help you resolve the isssue or answer the question on hand.
    Immigration Officer (Case Adjudication) - the one who is acutally working in the case, whom you will never be able to reach through POJ but It is possible to have your call routed through CSR2 or IO-CS - it all depends on your case issue and planet alignment.

    Immigration Officer (Customer Service), Immigration Officer (Case Adjudication), the titles in the bracket are made up names to distingush the role. Long story short, both are immigration officers with different roles and access.

    Others can throw more light on this


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  • sanjeev_2004
    08-13 05:19 PM
    I went to infopass inquiry today. Immigration agent told me on counter that my I485 is in final review stage and you don�t have to worry about I140. You can receive your GC very soon.

    I filed I485 based on pending I140 with PD Jun 2004 and this is still pending. My other I180 that is approved has PD March 2008. Agent also told me that I should forget about I140 and PD. I485 cannot in Final stage if I140 is not clear. He told you should not worry about PD also because I485 cannot be in final review stage if there is PD issue.

    My I485 is in EB2 category and currently USCIS is processing the cases with PD 2005 or less.
    Can some please explain me that what does the Final Review stage means? Is that mean I will get GC pretty soon even my I140 and PD combination is not approved/ current.


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  • TomPlate
    12-02 09:04 PM
    There should not be any issues changing the employer after 180 days. This would include proper way of resigning the company so that they don't do anything which will affect your green card.

    There are lot of response on this and you should check those.


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  • whattodo
    06-14 04:21 PM
    NIW 140 approved last year. EB1a 140 RFE/485 pending. Can I file a new 485 for NIW? or do I have to withdraw the pending 485 before filing the new 485?

    Thanks a lot.

    I am in similar boat. What does your lawyer say? I am waiting for my lawyer response. How about option on interfiling NIW 140 with the pending I-485. That is do not file new I-485 but change underlined I-140 in the old one. Ask your lawyer about that and let us also know whats his/her response.

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  • Anders �stberg
    February 26th, 2005, 04:21 PM
    Is this anything? It's probably been done many times before...

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  • raysaikat
    10-20 03:32 AM
    My wife is maintaining her H4 status since Feb 07 and last entered US on H4 visa in July 2010, we have our EAD cards based on pending I485 filed in Aug 07. Her AP is valid till Jan 2011 and I am on H1B. she started working on EAD couple of weeks ago.
    My question is: does the fact that she entered last on H4 affects her ability to work on EAD? Will it cause any problems in I485 approval.

    Since she is working on EAD, her status is no longer H4 (the new status is AOS, so to speak). Other than that, there is no issue.

    02-28 12:15 AM
    Pappu /administrators,

    Please check this link...Does anyone know about the following. Is this useful to us in anyway?

    This is the content of the above link from immigrationportal.

    I have been speaking with the producers of the Trevor McDonlad show regarding immigration visa scams and also the problems we face with renewals, retrogression and children also still aging out despite the CSPA (Child status protection act) and especially what happens if the petitioner dies as in my case. They are looking for people who's American dream has turned into a nightmare and sure there must be thousands of us

    They are flying from the UK and a group of expats are meeting with the producers on 21st Feb 07 in the Davenport area in Florida which is near Disney

    No filiming will take place on wednesday but filming will be on Friday to be confirmed. A famous Newscaster Nick Owen is flying to Florida to take part in the filming

    If anyone would like to attend and share their heartfelt experiences please send me a pm with your contact details

    Should you be unable to attend then please call or e-mail the assistant producer as below

    Gurbir Dhillon - Assistant Producer - ITV
    Tel: 44-207-316-6448
    Mob: 44-7768-725121

    Regards Sue,

    01-03 03:10 PM
    In general, I see a lot of members quoting stuff that indicates shortage of tech workers and saying we should use them.

    While this is true, it is worth understanding/appreciating the fact that most of these articles are aimed towards increasing H1 quota and not necessarily improving EB retrogression.

    We should be a little careful which articles we use.


    The following is an article I read and want to share with fellow GC seekers. This clearly indicates that there is a real big need for Tech workers in US and companies are finding difficult to fill the vacancies.

    I hope IV may be able to get in touch with researcher and get more detailed information. This may also help them while meeting House Reps and Congressmen.


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