Friday, June 3, 2011

hd wallpaper best

hd wallpaper best. Best Hd Wallpaper
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  • heimi
    Nov 1, 04:44 AM
    Here you go...

    Sorry they're a bit crappy - just taken on my mobile phone. I can do others if anyone has specific requests!

    PS. It doesn't have a CD installer with it - I just put it there for scale!

    hd wallpaper best. hd wallpaper best.
  • hd wallpaper best.

  • bobobenobi
    Apr 7, 08:39 AM
    I wonder how many of these posts are trolls? I haven't had any issues whatsoever with 4.3.1. I also didn't have any problems with 4.3; battery life has been absolutely stellar and call performance actually improved in 4.3.1.

    Battery life was atrocious for me on 4.3, but 4.3.1 completely fixed it. I get the "Call Failed" message sometimes too, but only about 5% of the time.

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  • Hans Brix
    Apr 1, 02:37 AM
    Very nice. I'm still using one of the wallpapers included in OS X.

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  • Kranchammer
    Mar 23, 10:50 AM
    NSAppleEmployee *bertrandSerlet = [[NSAppleEmployee alloc] init];


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  • sotorious
    Apr 13, 10:10 AM
    If the iPhone 5 is delayed as much as some suppliers are speculating ( in to next year ), the bright spot would be that the iPhone 4 price would likely get slashed to keep sales going. I'd still ride it out with my 3Gs though...unless I gave in to the temptation to try another platform.

    i was tempted to try apple for a year, and me poking my nose around this area of the forum trying to see when the next one drops. Sucks that if they do delay this one i wont be trying them out this year. I would love to do such a thing so each year i can bounce back and forth from android to ios to windows 7 give them all time to keep improving.

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  • BillyBobBongo
    Oct 6, 04:14 AM
    Mine for the moment.

    I really like that, gonna go make myself a version of this now! :)


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  • someone28624
    Mar 25, 10:50 AM
    Please' turn-by-turn directions! I do love the TomTom app though.

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  • spyderracer393
    Oct 19, 05:58 AM
    I'll be there!


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  • WGoins88
    Apr 4, 11:14 AM
    Hmm, yeah that sounds correct, never realized that hard drives used so little power (Now that I know I am putting 2 40 gigs I have in mine!). But like I said, if the power supply is slowly failing, the cards or hard drives could be throwing it over the top, especially with the ticking noise present, indicating something could be failing in the supply.

    I've had similar situations with regular PCs, upgraded a few things and would lock solid at the POST screen or BSOD in Windblows, only to find out the supply was failing and wasn't supplying enough voltage to the added components.

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  • xUKHCx
    Apr 7, 05:57 AM
    I suppose the original question should have been, "What have Apple got in there?"

    Possibly something custom designed or taken from existing designs of other storage giants. Like Google where they use velcro (


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  • JamietheMac
    Sep 7, 12:27 PM

    i love this anychance of a link to the original ?

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 1, 07:00 PM
    This question is for those with new-ish (Intel) laptops who check the option to convert high bitrate files to 128-kbps AAC before copying to the Shuffle:

    Does it take long to convert the files? I have a 1GHz TiBook, and it is taking forever to get those files on there with the option checked...You should only use that option to convert AIFF CD Audio files NOT mp3 files. Your quality will go in the toilet if you try to convert mp3 directly to AAC at any bit rate. Plus it does take a long time to make that crappy conversion.


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  • Mudbug
    Aug 13, 10:23 AM
    just figured I'd point this out now, since it's the first.

    This doesn't fit in the 75x75 size or under the 39.1K filesize limit so it won't get counted... sorry.

    rules/regulations for avatars in the contest

    You can fix it to fit a tar and that'd be fine, but all entries not in the correct format will be disqualified.

    and it's also in the rules that it should be a new avatar, not one seen on macrumors before.

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  • GeekLawyer
    Nov 19, 04:25 PM
    Selling refurbished iPads as new _would_ be illegal. And I'd be curious where they would have found refurbished iPads.Exactly right. That would be a no-no.

    They did what any of us could do. They bought a bunch at another retail seller and then resold them.


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  • toolbox
    Apr 24, 09:51 PM
    When your booted into os x, go into system preferences find start up disk then click on the Macintosh HD icon ( it will tell you what OS is on the drive ) then click restart. That will set the boot order.

    Or do a PRAM reset that will also clear it and default the OS X partition to be the start up one.

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  • danny_w
    Nov 19, 12:47 PM
    Doubtful since their warranty does not transfer to a second hand buyer. If I were to buy an iPod and then sell it on ebay a few weeks later the new owner would not be covered.
    Is this specific to iPad and iPod? The standard warranty most certainly transfers, since I have bought a Powerbook long ago on CraigsList and used the warranty to get repairs.


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  • kilowattradio
    Nov 20, 06:37 AM
    Doubtful since their warranty does not transfer to a second hand buyer. If I were to buy an iPod and then sell it on ebay a few weeks later the new owner would not be covered.

    Hmm, Well If I want to try out an item and then resell it later I ask the retailer for a gift receipt which doesn't list a name, but just a price & Date of Purchase. Then when I sell it I just include the gift receipt to the buyer and the warranty is good for them also.

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  • alexbasson
    Apr 6, 02:08 PM
    I think it's funny all the comments about "is that enough?" I think this proves two things...

    1. Most people don't quite understand just how much a million/billion/trillion of something is.

    2. People think that this 12PB amount must have been decided upon arbitrarily, as if Apple didn't do a crapload of research to decide what a good starting amount would be.

    Here's another good visual representation of trillion, in dollars:
    What does a trillion dollars look like? (

    Here's what I understand about how much 12 PB is: My own video/music collection is a shade over 3 TB. That's .025% of 12 PB, and that's not taking RAID or similar backup/redundancy solutions into account. Considering how many movies and TV shows I don't own, 12 PB doesn't seem like all that much to me, if you're trying to be a media provider.

    I'm generally inclined to trust that Apple knows what it's doing, and I'm sure they did their research well. When I wonder if this will be "enough", this implies that I have some expectations, or at the least hopes, for Apple's plans for this storage capacity. Point being: 12 PB may not be enough for what I'm hoping Apple will offer in the near future, which implies that Apple may not be planning what I'd hoped they were planning.

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  • slipper
    Apr 12, 03:23 AM
    For some reason i cant get my iWeb creation to work on Craigslist. I was wondering if someone could help me with this.

    I created what i wanted on iWeb. Uploaded the pics onto my web host and changed the image links. I copy and paste the html into craigslist. But the layout gets messed up. What am i doing wrong?

    Apr 16, 01:52 PM
    34c for 3+ hours means that nap is working perfectly. It's the only possible way that any MDD would ever be under 50c for 3 hours.

    I remember some cooler mornings in the spring and fall of 07 when I had my dual 867.. the idle temp was 29-31c with nap + an extra 120mm mounted on the back. Even under heavy load it never got above the mid 40's.

    Dec 12, 04:27 AM
    i know cydia and app store develepors read this website so what apps would you like to see on app store or cydia? If you think you could develop one of these apps that someone suggests than say so!

    um moar fart appz lawlz

    Mar 27, 09:18 PM
    Ok I see the auction says cancelled by seller. Guess we scared him ;)

    yeah for someone who claims to know all the ins and outs, you'd think he would have bragged about the ability to somehow force the high bidder to pay the $5000. But instead he's just crawled back into his toolshed.

    Feb 9, 12:28 PM
    well this kinda goes along with the A-list requirements, for A-list you have to have a high enough minute plan, and if you do, like me, you never end up using your minutes because everyone you call is on your A-list. So I have 9000 rollover minutes... sheesh. And if i drop down a level, I lose all my rollovers, pay a fee, then have to bump it back up the next month anyway. It's just a complicated way of making sure I don't go over my minutes.

    So I'll add this new feature tomorrow, and in 3 months I'll have 12000 rollover minutes. Hurray, i guess. :rolleyes:

    Jul 31, 11:44 PM
    Mine Source >

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