Sunday, June 5, 2011

dark knight joker wallpaper

dark knight joker wallpaper. the dark knight joker
  • the dark knight joker

  • irain
    Sep 18, 09:47 AM
    Hey, I was wondering if there's a free or cheap program that can make pictures black and white, but have certain things colored. I have graphic converter. But I don't know how to use it to do something like that. If you can do it with graphic converter, please tell me how. Thanks!

    dark knight joker wallpaper. dark knight joker wallpaper.
  • dark knight joker wallpaper.

  • clarkent5477
    Apr 28, 11:04 AM
    Not the right reason...

    This is. People who are or were with Verizon are now:

    dark knight joker wallpaper. with #39;The Dark Knight#39;
  • with #39;The Dark Knight#39;

  • SheepShaver
    Oct 2, 10:03 AM (

    dark knight joker wallpaper. Knight double sided Joker
  • Knight double sided Joker

  • txr0ckabilly
    Apr 7, 12:44 PM
    Great Combo...that said, the iCade is a tad overpriced for this handsome hebrew.

    hebrew? stating something is overpriced? living up to the stereotype much?

    just kidding :)

    i bought the whole suite when i saw it announced on gizmodo this morning.


    dark knight joker wallpaper. Joker in quot;The Dark Knight.
  • Joker in quot;The Dark Knight.

  • adelia
    May 3, 01:51 AM
    Thanks for posting

    dark knight joker wallpaper. The Joker - The Dark Knight
  • The Joker - The Dark Knight

  • mattwolfmatt
    Apr 6, 11:45 AM
    1 petabyte = 1000 terrabytes or 1 million gigabytes.


    dark knight joker wallpaper. Joker of The Dark Knight Movie
  • Joker of The Dark Knight Movie

  • Tonewheel
    Mar 31, 07:22 PM
    Sport coat with jeans. Is he wearing penny loafers as well?

    dark knight joker wallpaper. dark knight joker wallpaper.
  • dark knight joker wallpaper.

  • Reach9
    Apr 4, 06:19 PM
    Okay, i just want to clarify somethings.

    If an officer tells a teenage girl "try to avoid dressing provocatively", and you'll lower your chances of sexual assault, i find that to be fine.
    Keep in mind we're not talking about Africa or Middle East, we're talking about US and there are women who get sexually assaulted regardless of what they're wearing.

    But i'm sorry, if women think they can walk around half naked, and not expect men to flirt and view her as a sexual object then they have mental issues. The media forces women to look like sexual objects, it's sadly become the "norm", things one would see in a strip club are everywhere in Halloween. Innocence is completely destroyed.

    I respect women who respect themselves.

    If a man sees a woman with a low top, lots of cleavage showing, high skirts and heels, then he will view her as trash. Why? because she has no self respect. She's just showing she is available. There is a difference between sexy and slutty, a fine line which has long been crossed.
    Now i'm not telling you to cover yourself up completely, but some modesty and some equal balance is necessary. Women shouldn't expect that they can have their cake and eat it too. Life doesn't work like that.
    Men might ogle at women who dress provocatively, but no decent man will ever want one as a wife. If you dress like a local sl*t then don't expect to be treated like a princess.

    I don't want to walk down the street and see women showing off their bodies provocatively. How would society be if men were to always walk around with no shirts and with their d*cks hanging out? This is becoming like the life of a primitive human.

    It seems like now a days, society has no rules, that's why people are so confused from what is right and what is wrong.
    The Sharia Law is just extremism.

    No Sydde, it is common sense.
    It's like an officer telling you to lock your doors to reduce the chances of robbery. Will you still be robbed? Yes of course there's a possibility. Does it reduce the chances of being robbed? Yes it does.
    Is it wrong to rob? Yes it is, but if you leave the doors wide open then you're just being stupid.
    Now one might argue "what is provocative then?" these rules need to be created in society, and since now a days we have no censorship in the media we consume apart from extreme sexuality, there doesn't seem to be any rules. I blame the parents for not setting up dress codes.

    I believe it goes both ways, men should stop sexually assaulting women, and women should dress with more respect, it's a cycle so someone needs to stop, to lower the chances of sexual assault. Due to nature, unfortunately it's women (the prey) who first need to stop dressing provocatively and more with class, and then men (the predator) will stop the sexual assaults.


    dark knight joker wallpaper. dark knight joker wallpaper.
  • dark knight joker wallpaper.

  • Jamesl94
    Aug 1, 08:14 PM
    Kurt Cobain's suicide note?!

    5 gold stars to you! Yaaaaay.


    dark knight joker wallpaper. Title: Joker
  • Title: Joker

  • eva01
    Sep 26, 07:40 PM
    thank-god webmail is getting an update.

    and it is on the main .mac webpage for me at least.


    dark knight joker wallpaper. The Dark Knight Batman Movie
  • The Dark Knight Batman Movie

  • maclaptop
    Apr 13, 07:51 PM
    Apple already released a new iPhone this year... remember? The one that works on a CDMA network!

    1) You really think they would put all that work into rolling out the CDMA iPhone 4 in February then turn around 4 months later and expect these people to buy an iPhone 5?

    2) You know how many pissed off Verizon people there would be? June 2012 at the earliest... ;)

    1) Yes, Apple doesn't care.

    2) Yes, Apple doesn't care.


    Apple only cares about the bottom line, they've gone from the company that bragged they were anti-establishment, to who they are today.

    The mainstream, fancy retail store building, we'll screw you at every chance, company.

    I'm NOT bashing Apple, it simply is what it is. Corporate America.

    There's nothing wrong with that.

    dark knight joker wallpaper. the Scenes with the Joker
  • the Scenes with the Joker

  • Rot'nApple
    Mar 23, 10:02 AM
    I went on the internet, and I found this... he must be calibrating!

    I knew it! I knew it!!!

    It must be hard carrying all that brain on top of one's head! :D :apple:


    dark knight joker wallpaper. Dark Knight: Joker Wallpaper
  • Dark Knight: Joker Wallpaper

  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 2, 09:16 PM
    Can you be more specific? What do you mean by the word "slight"? Old iPods have a 1-2- second gap between tracks. Is it less than a second?

    The gap is very slight and doesn't seem to be consistant. When skipping ahead to the next song in the playlist, there's about a 1/10th of a second pause. When allowing one track to play straight through to the next, it seems the gap is less than half of that to almost none, but like I said it seems to vary. There's been a couple times where I could swear there was no gap or pause, but most of the time it's perceptable in some way. For albums where a musical selection spans more than one track, I would probably link them together into one audio file/track before importing to iTunes.

    I'll play with it some more though. I haven't had that much time to spend with it just yet after it took over 2 hours to fully charge and I just dumped a couple albums to it quickly to take it to the gym for a test run. Preliminary results are very positive. The size is great... The included earbuds are nothing special and their cord is a little on the short side, which may be good or bad depending on how you want to use it.

    dark knight joker wallpaper. joker dark knight wallpaper.
  • joker dark knight wallpaper.

  • vong
    Dec 4, 11:22 PM
    do you mind sharing your dock the finder and chrome ones =)






    dark knight joker wallpaper. TDK Wallpaper II | Flickr
  • TDK Wallpaper II | Flickr

  • Shaduu
    Feb 15, 11:33 AM

    dark knight joker wallpaper. dark knight joker wallpaper.
  • dark knight joker wallpaper.

  • iBuferd
    Jul 10, 01:26 AM
    I talked to my AT&T rep today and he said that he is going to be in the west store over by Taylor's Crossing launch day Friday. I will be at that store instead. ;)


    dark knight joker wallpaper. The Dark Knight: Joker
  • The Dark Knight: Joker

  • iGary
    Sep 26, 09:14 PM
    Thank effing Geebus.

    dark knight joker wallpaper. the dark knight-joker
  • the dark knight-joker

  • icedd
    Oct 8, 11:01 PM (

    Click it.

    dark knight joker wallpaper. Heath Ledger Joker
  • Heath Ledger Joker

  • EspLtDan
    Jul 8, 07:54 PM
    idk man i was told the same that they dont know how the lines gonna be

    Mar 31, 02:13 PM
    So buy a capacitive stylus already and quit whining about "finger painting".

    Stylus-focused tablets failed in no small part because of the easily-lost one-more-thing-to-fiddle-with can't-function-without-it stylus requirement. So, Apple built a tablet that didn't need it. Insofar as a few people do need a stylus for limited applications, third parties make them. Buy one if you need it; nobody is stopping you but you.

    Mar 5, 07:20 PM
    I just figured out how to download themes to my iphone using ssh and cyberduck, what are some good sites to get the best themes at? so far ive only found ithemesky

    Mar 4, 01:14 AM
    I really like the concept HP has done with their up coming slate/Pre integration. Being able to respond to a text while on my iPad would be awesome. Anyone hear of an app that can do this? If not lets get one going :)

    Sep 27, 12:56 AM is indispensable for, personally.. With most software phoning for updates though, it's a bit overkill for VTP, so you're right on that one.

    The "member" "freebies" on .Mac are the toaster over give away of the intarweb land. Lame x 3

    i don't think getting a free versiontracker is enough. I never understood why versiontracker is such a big deal because most of softwares get automatic updates anyway. unless i am missing something, i never use versiontracker.

    Apr 6, 03:02 PM
    I can't read "petabyte" out loud without thinking of Peter Griffin and his accent.

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